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CHNTAINER® Bag-In-Box Products Overview

CHNTAINER® Bag In Box = Blow Molded Inner or Film Type Interior + Carton Box(Metal Can or Other Strong Outer Container).

It is a one-way industrial liquid container with exterior corrugated cardboard united together, if the outer container is open mouth metal can or other open head strong container, the outer container can used recycled.

Compared to simple metal cans, it is an assembly type, so space-saving when not in use

Even when discarding, it can be easily folded down

Easily to reduce the volume of dust,

Lightweight so you can reduce logistics costs
Because the exterior is cardboard or other printable containers, so you can freely design your products introduction(printing)
You can use it in various of liquid fields such as food field, beverage field, chemical industrial medicine field.


CHNTAINER® Bag in box System = foldable lightweight Composite container of thin interior + exterior corrugated box case (or other type of open head container box)

Polyethylene is used as the main raw material,

Do not worry about environmental hormones and dioxin generation during combustion

General type and high barrier type can be selected for all products

All products conform to Food Sanitation Law.

Pinhole resistance, Heat resistance,

We use raw materials excellent in chemical resistance,

It is thin but highly safe

All products passed the China vibration,drop test

Filling environment.

There are 4 standard types of capacities of 20, 18, 10 and 5 liters for each mode.

Supports various liquid accessories (all products are common)

molded cubitainer CHNTAINER

Molded Cubitainer

CUBITAINER is a liquid container consisted of cardboard and flexible plastic containers. Because of their excellent reliability and diversified application, it leads the industry as the best-selling products of this kind bag-in-box packaging.

Pharmaceutical products (diagnostic reagents,diluebts,lyse,detergents, etc.), veterinary products (serum,ultrasound gel, etc.), chemical,cleaning products (bleach, etc),cosmetic products (cream, etc.), food products (flavourings, wine,syrups,etc.),sampling equipment(fuel sampling,oil sampling,water sampling,liquid sampling...)

Gusseted Cheertainer Bag-In-Box

Gusseted Cheertainer Bag-In-Box

Gusseted Cheertainer is Cubic type of Bag-In-Box,is self-standing liquid container with grips to be able to take the bag out of the carton box.

As a high barrier property keeps products from deterioration,the products can be distributed more naturally.BIB Gusseted type cubebag is manufactured in a clean room.

Applications:AdBlue solutions,Liquid Feritilzers,Inks,Coatings,Paints,Ultrasound Gels,.....etc.

Form-Fit Liner

Form-Fit Liner

Liquid container to meet requirements of our time developed by the film technologies.Various combinations of inner containers,types of closure and size,or outer carton box can be selected to meet the contents,applications and transport conditions in every case.

Related form-fit liner materials:

Metallized polyester and foil laminates for moisture protection

Conductive laminates and anti-static films for volatile materials

Nylon and co-extruded films for chemical resistance

Polypropylene for high-temperature requirements

Low-density polyethylene for general use,single and multi-layer

Pail Liner

Pail Liner  PDTLINER®

PDTLINER® Pail Liners is made by vacuum-formed mode

Materials is LDPE,HDPE or PP.

Open top,Perfect for batch mixing

Keeps plastic and steel pails clean and reusable

Seamless vacuum-formed liners

Fit neatly into all standard gallon pails

Contoured lip snaps over top rim of pail to prevent slippage

Plastic Pail Liners:Tapered to fit standard plastic pails

Steel Pail Liners:Straight-sided to fit standard steel pails

Cradle Liner:Permits shipping two-part products in one pail

High density cradle holds a one-gallon can

Note - These liners are for non-UN rated shipping only 

Drum Liner

Drum Liner      PDTLINER®

Thickness of the drum liner(0.2mm) is 1/6 of that of rigid resin liner used for chemical drum(1.2mm),it is easier for disposal.Inside of the metallic drum is not contaminated,it is repeatedly used.

Related drum liner materials:

Conductive laminates and anti-static films for volatile materials

Polypropylene for high-temperature requirements(PP)

Polyethylene for general use(LDPE or HDPE)

Typical Drum Liner Markets:

Chemical (adhesives,automotive,coatings,detergent,greases,ink,lubricants,paint,sealants,soap)

Cosmetic (conditioner,cream,liquid makeup,lotion,shampoo)

Food & Beverage (dairy, flavoring,fats,oils,spices),Pharmaceutical,Powder.

Pot Tank Liners         PDTLINER®

Semi-rigid pressure tank & pot liners custom made of tough, durable,high density polyethylene with "anti-static" additive to minimize static electricity build-up in shipping and handling.
Ideal for use with all materials that are compatible with polyethylene or Polypropylene.
Vacuum Formed.
Will not contaminate materials
Allows quicker color changes
Time saving clean up
Reduces solvent cost in clean up
Volume: from 2QT,2 Litres,2 Gal., 2.5Gal.,5 gal.,9.8 Gal.,11.8 Gal., and 19.8 Gal. to 220 Litres
Used with Binks,DeVilbiss and other brands Pressure Tanks pressure pots.

CHNTAINER Bag-In-Box Accessories

CHNTAINER Bag-In-Box Accessories

FengDi Plastic Technology manufactures container closures and Bag-In-Box accessories for industrial packaging in a variety of designs and combinations.

We are specialized in closures taps caps for use in the markets of agrochemicals,industrial chemicals,food,medicine and cosmetics. 

Closures are available for packaging of hazardous goods,with or without tamper-proof and as vented caps as well as with any seals common in the packaging industry,such as for example EPE and EPE foam seals or PTFE sealing disks.

Drum Closures are designed for metal and plastic drums with a volume up to 200 litres. They are optionally available with an LD-PE or EPDM sealing ring and if necessary also with an integrated degassing insert.

Constructed of either a high-density polyethylene(HDPE) with a UV inhibitor or a polypropylene copolymer.

Meets UN Packaging Standards

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