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Gusseted Bag-In-Box 

Gusseted Bag-In-Box Liquid Container

CHNTAINER ® Gusseted Bag-In-Box Liquid Container 
----------The Safety Economic Way to transport liquids

CHNTAINER® Gusseted Bag-In-Box is also named cheertainer,fujitainer,z-tainer.

CHNTAINER® Gusseted Bag-In-Box is made of multi-layer films,made in clean workshop.

The advantages of CHNTAINER® Gusseted Bag-In-Box are as follows:
Occupies the least space
Strong and durable
Excellent chemical property
Easier handling
No need for washing or sterilization
Friendly to environment

The Top Seal of the gusseted bag can be used for carrying

Flexible and collapses during dispensing with minimal residual liquid

Delivered and stored flat for space saving- stand erects when filled – collapses when empty.

A wide variety of sizes and capacities of CHNTAINER® Gusseted Bag-In-Box to meet the demands of our customers.

CHNTAINER® Gusseted B.I.B. cheertainer

CHNTAINER® Gusseted B.I.B. Features

CHNTAINER® Gusseted B.I.B. is Cube-shaped fitment bag

The Gusseted fitment bag is flexible and has a cube-shaped structure,with no seams.This gives it great stability and maximum emptying capacity.It is made of multi-layer material that makes it extremely resistant.

CHNTAINER® Gusseted B.I.B. Outer Layer (polyamide + polyethylene): 

This layer protects the product from oxygen and moisture; its density and composition vary, depending on the needs of the client. 

There are three types of material for CHNTAINER® Gusseted B.I.B. option:

Standard barrier

High Barrier (EVOH)

Metallic (light barrier) 

CHNTAINER® Gusseted B.I.B. Inner layer: 

100% polyethylene; this makes the container resistant and is elastic and cannot be torn.

Different sizes ranging from 1 L to 30 L

CHNTAINER® Gusseted B.I.B. Specifications

CHNTAINER® Gusseted B.I.B. Fitment Cube Bag Volume : 1L,2L,5L,10L,15L,18L,20L,25L

 Model Number



 Spout Inner Diameter




Pack Unit


CFD-CB-1020   20 32  320X300X270H  200 
CFD-CB-1018   18 32 320X300X245H  200 
CFD-CB-1015   15 32   200 
CFD-CB-1010   10 32  250X230X235H  250 
CFD-CB-1005  5 32  200X180X205H  300 
CFD-CB-1002   2 32    400
CFD-CB-1001   1 32    400 

CHNTAINER® Gusseted B.I.B. Filling Options

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Semi-automatic Filling Mode

The semi-automatic filler is a bag-in-box filler capable of filling a wide range of shelf stable or extended life products up to 25 L.The filler has full CIP (clean in place) and SIP(sterilize in place) modes and can be steam sterilized.

Fully Automatic Filling Mode

The fully-automatic filler is a compact web-fed fully auto filling machine capable of filling a wide range of shelf stable or extended life products up to 25L.The filling head has been designed to give optimum fill quality without any spillage.The filling machine has full CIP(clean in place) and SIP(sterilize in place) modes and can be steam sterilized.

CHNTAINER® Gusseted B.I.B. Caps and Taps

CHNTAINER® Gusseted B.I.B. Caps and Taps

There are different types of stoppers and taps that can be adapted to all applications and needs.Like : Standard Screw Caps,Vented Caps,Screw Nozzle,one-touch nozzle,Quick Serve Tap with Spigot,Taps,Jumbo Taps,Push buttons,Aseptic closures,Connection valves,Pressure closures,Degasifying closures,CPC connector,laboratory connector

Common CHNTAINER Accessories:

Tap Ø8mm General Type  

(38mm screw cap quick serve tap with 8mm spigot)

Jumbo Tap Ø18mm (High viscosity type)

Maxi Tap Ø18mm (High viscosity drip prevention type)

Screw Nozzle Ø18mm (Cap Tap)

One-touch Nozzle Ø18mm (insertion type)

Gas Venting Cap

A wide variety of sizes and capacities to meet the demands of our customers.

B.I.B. Assembled Recycled Cardboard Box

B.I.B. Assembled Recycled Cardboard Box

The cardboard box is 100% recyclable.

Large,fully customer-made surface area for graphic communication.

Totally optimized stacking and palletizing,which reduces logistics costs.

Different sizes and fully customized design to satisfy the needs of each client or product.

CHNTAINER® Gusseted B.I.B. Applications

The cube-shaped gusseted fitment bag can be used for all types of liquids and semi-liquid products for industrial and domestic consumption.The main sectors for which it is intended are:

Agricultural Chemicals: bactericides,fungicides,herbicides,insecticides,liquid fertilizers,pesticides,seed treatments,farming agents,

Industrial Chemicals:adhesives,automotive lubricants,automotive oils,AdBlue Solution,car wash chemicals,coatings,paints,inks,dyes,floor wax,detergents,disinfectants,multi-purpose cleaners,non-bleach additives,petroleum,sanitizers,sealants,soaps,solvents,swimming pool chemicals,thinners,varnishes,livestock,water treatment,liquid fuels.some pharmaceuticals.

Cosmetics: cleaners,conditioner,creams,liquid makeup,lotions,shampoo,tanning lotion.

Foods: seasonings,purees,sauces,oil,dairy products,condiments,edible oils,flavorings,malt,marinades,post-mix syrups,rice wine,sake,mirin,vinegar,salsa,sauces,soft serve ice cream.

Beverages: beverage bases,drink mixes,ice tes,juice,juice concentrates,lemonade,liquor,coffee,soft drink ingredients,tea,water,wine,coffee,.

Others: other liquids

5 L Chntainer

5L,1.25 Gallon, Gusseted,38mm Cap,Taps,Hole Cap

10 L Chntainer

10L,2.5 Gallon, Gusseted,38mm Cap,long nozzle

18 L Chntainer

18L,3.75 Gallon, Gusseted,38mm Cap,Quick Serve Tap

20 L Chntainer

20L,5 Gallon, Gusseted,38mm Cap,Tap Option

CHNTAINER Gusseted Bag-In-Box

Cube-Shaped,Multi-Layer,Safety, Economical, Strong and DurableFriendly to Environment, CHNTAINER® Gusseted Bag-In-Box to meet the demands of our customers 1L to 25L.

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