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Drum Liner 

FengDi Steel Drum Liners

Open Head Drum Liner

Thermoforming or vacuum molding,heat-sealed,Blow-Molded drum liner for open head(top) drums

Round Bottom Drum Liner 30L to 220L

Round Bottom Drum Liner 30L to 220L

CHNTAINER® Heat-sealed Liner Pre-form-fit round bottom drum liners provide an economic solution for protecting your products. Pre-formed round bottom liners are ideal for use with viscous liquid,powder and particulate materials.

These liners are designed for easy installation and can be simply twisted and tied off to protect contents.

Special models are intended for use with solvents, flammable powders, hot liquids, oxygen-sensitive or hygroscopic materials or aggressive chemicals.

Typical Pre-Formed Round Bottom Drum Liner Markets: 

Chemical (adhesives,chemicals,coatings,detergents,inks,paints,sealants)

Cosmetic (cleanser,liquid makeup,lotion,mascara,powder)

Food (caramel,chocolate,fruit,dairy)


Key Benefits:

Pre-formed round bottom liners ensure the absolute purity of your product.

The round bottom shape allows maximum recovery of your valuable product, as it minimizes wrinkles and folds.

Round bottom liners reduce drum cleaning and reconditioning costs.

Environment-friendly packaging, helps users to reach sustainability goals.

Multiple Sizes: 
Pre-Formed Round bottom liners are available in 12, 16, 30, 55 and 85 gallon sizes.(48L,64L,120L,220L,340L)

Blow Molding Drum insert  30L to 220L

Blow Molding Drum Liner  30L to 220L

The straight-sided,Blow-molded liner’s smooth wall design makes for complete emptying of your drum,and easily accommodates a fowler plate.

Construction: low density polyethylene (LDPE),or HDPE


Secure fit with a contoured lip that snaps over the top chime of the drum

Recommended for use with new steel drums

Liner Thickness: approx. 1.5mm to 2.5mm

Applications: Ideal for heavy stress operations General Container's standard Gallon Pail Liner. Small batch mixing,pumping and storage of Paints,Coatings,Inks,Adhesives,Chemicals,Food

Vacuume Formed Drum Liner  40L to 220L

Vacuume Formed Drum Liner  40L to 220L

Plastic and steel drum liners are ideal for mixing,pumping,storing and shipping many liquids,powders and pastes.

The plastic drum liners are available in 55 gallon sizes.

Steel drum liners are available in 25, 35, 50 and 60 gallon sizes.

The seamless,vacuum-formed drum liners have a contoured lip that snaps over a drum’s top bead to prevent leakage between the drum liner and the drum wall.

After use,simply lift out the drum liner – the drum is clean and ready for reuse!

All drum liners are manufactured using FDA approved materials.

If you our looking for a low cost and efficient way to keep drums clean and reusable, check out FENGDI plastic drum liners! We have both High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) and Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE) Drum Liners available.

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