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History of Company

History of Company 

Pioneer of Liquid Container

Step by Step,Focusing on the Molding of Plastic and Rubber Products.

1994 wide mouth(108mm) foldable flexible soft plastic cubitainer for salted agriculture foods;
1995 extrusion blow-molding for plastic barrels and plastic Jerry Cans;
1996 developed 32mm gland spouted cubitainer molds & equipment
1998 developed woven Geo-textile products and non-woven cloth(fabrics) markets
1999 developed pp woven bags and flexible intermediate bulk containers (bulk bags,FIBCs) business oversea market
2000 developed the sift-proof bulk bags in China.
2001 developed the first patented anti-static and conductive FIBC in China.
2002 plastic pipes fittings & irrigation products market
2003 Irrigation swing joints and quick couple valves for water 
2004 32mm spouted cubitainer business developed
2005 Round Bottom Liners product 
2005 Form-fit bags products  
2006 Bag-In-Box Vertical-cubic bag(CHNTAINER) 
2008 hematology reagent bottles 
2009 Biochemistry reagent bottles 
2009 Bunker fuel oil sampling bottles 
2010 Closures for plastic drums,barrels,Bottles,Jerry Cans 
2010 collapsible water container with top handle 
2011 Drip type of Bunker Fuel Samplers,Line Samplers 
2012 developed Vented caps,Vented bungs,Vented Cubitainers
2014 developed Oil Collectors and Plastic Creepers 
2015 Vacuum-formed pail liner & drum liner 
2016 developed pressure pot tank liners
2017 developed PTFE/PFA/TFM microwave digestion vessels and liners,PFA Bottles/PTFE Bottles labwares
2018 developed compression molding Rubber products
2019 developed IBC Liners and FIBC Liners
2020 developed emergency Life Buoy Rescue Can,Plastic Lifesaving Stretcher
2021 developed IBC Tank Steel frame cage assembly spare parts accessories.
2022 developed Plastic pontoon Plastic float dock systems
2023 developed marine fuel oil collection tanks and cans,Plastic Petrol Tanks

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