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  Biochemistry Reagent Bottles 
  Hematology Reagent Bottles 
  Sample Cuvette & Sample Cup 
  Plastic Labware 
Coulter Lytic Reagent Bottle 1 Litre

Beckman-Coulter Lytic agent bottle 1 Litre

Model No. : CFD-BTL-106
Brand Name : CHNTAINER
Beckman-Coulter Diluent Bottle 2 Litres

Beckman Coulter Clinical Diluent Bottle 2 Ltrs

Model No. : CFD-BTL-105
Brand Name : CHNTAINER
ABX Cleaner Bottle 500ml

ABX Cleaner bottle 500ml

Model No. : CFD-BTL-102
Brand Name : CHNTAINER
ABX Clinical Lyse Bottle 400ml

ABX Clinical chemistry lyse bottle 400ml

Model No. : CFD-BTL-103
Brand Name : CHNTAINER
ABX hematology reagent bottle 1 litre with silicone gasket

Horiba Medical ABX hematology reagent bottle 1 L with Silicone Gasket

Model No. : CFD-BTL-101A
Brand Name : CHNTAINER
SYSMEX Cell Clean Bottle 50ml

Sysmex Cell Clean Solution Bottle 50ml

Model No. : CFD-BTL-148
Brand Name : CHNTAINER
Orphee cleaner reagent bottle 1000ml

Orphee Cleaner Agent Bottle 1L

Model No. : CFD-BTL-144
Brand Name : CHNTAINER
orphee lysing reagent bottle 500ml

Orphee Lysing Agent Bottle 500ml

Model No. : CFD-BTL-143
Brand Name : CHNTAINER
Rayto lyse reagent bottle 500ml

Rayto hematology reagent bottles 500ml 1000ml

Model No. : CFD-BTL-100
Brand Name : CHNTAINER
Nihon-Kohden Hematology Reagent bottle 500ml

Nihon Kohden hematology reagent bottles 500ml

Model No. : CFD-BTL-100
Brand Name : CHNTAINER
abbott cleaner bottle 1L

ABBOTT Chemistry Reagent Bottles 500ml 1000ml

Model No. : CFD-B-100
Brand Name : CHNTAINER
Mindray Hematology Reagent Bottles

Mindray HDPE Hematology Reagent Bottles 500ml

Model No. : CFD-BTL-108/109
Brand Name : CHNTAINER
Horiba Medical ABX hematology reagent bottles 1000ml

Horiba ABX hematology reagent bottles 1 L

Model No. : CFD-BTL-101/102
Brand Name : CHNTAINER
beckman coulter cleaner bottles

Beckman coulter clinical chemistry reagent bottles

Model No. : CFD-B-105/106
Brand Name : CHNTAINER
SYSMEX hematology reagent bottles 500ml 1000ml

Sysmex hematology Reagent Bottles 500ml 1000ml

Model No. : CFD-BTL-118/119
Brand Name : CHNTAINER
hematology reagent bottles

hematology analyzer reagent bottles

Model No. : CFD-BTL-100
Brand Name : CHNTAINER
sysmex reagent bag 42ml

42ml sysmex hematology reagent bag

Model No. : CFD-SFB-001
Brand Name : CHNTAINER

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