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About Us

About Us 

Changzhou Fengdi Plastic Technology Co., Ltd. is one of professional manufacturer of flexible packaging cubitainers and liquid containers & liquid liners and packaging accessories in China.

Flexible packaging products:cubitainers,collapsible Jerry Cans,water jerry cans,cheertainers,drum liners,ibc liners,form-fit liners,pail liners,round bottom liners,bag-in-drums,weld spouted fitment bags,stretch films,pvc shrinkable capsules,FIBC's B-locks,drum bungs,drum lids,drum covers,drum caps,container caps,Drum taps,drum locking ring lids,drum faucets,drum accessories,Jerry can caps,Jerry can taps,jerry can faucets,Jerry Can accessories,quick couplings,quick serve taps,plastic security seals.

Clinical laboratory Labwares and Plasticwares for laboratory use. Such as hematology reagent bottles,biochemistry reagent bottles,hematology reagent cubitainers,diluent cubitainers,diluent bottles,lyse cubitainer,lyse bottles,hematology reagent containers,cleaner cubitainers,cleaner bottles,detergent cubitainers,detergent bottles,TFM Liners,PTFE Liners,PFA liners,PFA Vessels,PFA tubes,PFA sample tanks,...and so on.   

Irrigation fittings: swing joints,valve boxes, quick coupling valves,service saddles,quick couplings,etc.and other molding plastic products.


Our Mission: Honesty, Customer,Service,Development and Innovation. 

Welcome the customers both at home and abroad to our company for development and co-operation.



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