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42ml sysmex hematology reagent bag

sysmex reagent bag 42ml
  • sysmex reagent bag 42ml
  • 42ml sysmex hematology reagent bag
  • 42ml sysmex hematology reagent bag
  • 42ml sysmex hematology reagent bag
Model No.︰CFD-SFB-001
Country of Origin︰China
Unit Price︰-
Minimum Order︰1000 pc
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Product Description

42ml sysmex Hematology Reagent bags greatly reduce the time and labour involved in preparing large volumes of primary enrichment media and diluents. Pre-weighed, dehydrated media are supplied in lightweight, transparent plastic bags or aluminum foil compound bags–all that is required is the addition of water and the medium or diluent is ready for use.

42ml sysmex hematology Reagent bags completely eliminate the need for glassware, reducing hazards in the laboratory and eliminating the need for washing and sterilisation.

Each foil bag makes up from 0.042 Litres to 20 Litres of medium or diluent, which is easily dispensed through the spouted taps.

Once empty, the bag can be disposed of with normal laboratory waste.

Hematology Reagent bags are designed to be made up and used as required but filled Reagent bags can be stored at room temperature for up to 3 days as long as sterility is maintained. No need to sterilise or add selective supplements.

42ml sysmex Hematology Reagent bags are supplied in compact boxes of bags, which are lightweight and easy to transport, providing ultimate convenience in the laboratory.

Spouted fitment foil Reagent bags Range as follows

Buffered Peptone water        Each bag makes: 42ml  to  20 litres

Maximum Recovery diluents     Each bag makes: 42ml  to  20 litres

Reagent Bag Connectors (stainless steel)

Supplementary Reagents products should be stored at 2–8°C unless otherwise stated.

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Price Terms︰EXW,FOB,CFR
Payment Terms︰TT
Lead Time︰Within 22 days
Product Image

sysmex reagent bag 42ml
sysmex reagent bag 42ml

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