CFDPLAS Reagent Fitment Bags/Weld Spout Pouches

CFDPLAS has extensive experience producing spouted fitment bags,fitment and spout flexible packaging.Different parts and different styles have been produced. Virtually any design with any fitment can be produced.All bags are hermetically sealed to accommodate dry flowables and liquids.Your existing equipment and filling methods can be accommodated in the design process to manufacture a product that is useable on that equipment,reducing cost and process time.Our Technical support staff and engineering personnel are available to assist you with unique and proprietary designs.

Molded Glands, Spouts and Closure Features

   Collar sealed in a perimeter seal

   Flange sealed to a face panel

   Opening from 0.25" to 4"

   Molded from barrier providing resins

   Screw Caps

   Molded fitments, spouts,Fitments with unique connector,Tamper Evident

Typical Materials

   High barrier films and laminates


   Multi-ply mono layer films

Other Options

   Reinforced handles

   Multicolor printing if customers needed

   Secondary attachments such as valves, tubing and clamps


   Bulk Liquid Containers

   Drum Liners


   3 Dimensional Liners

   Hexagonal Containers

   Test Equipment Bladders

   Custom Designs


    General Industrial Packaging

    Military Packaging

    Aerospace Applications

    Archival Storage Applications

    Automotive Applications

    Agricultural Chemical Packaging

    Controlled Atmosphere Packaging

    Electronics Applications

     e.g.: Used on sysmex staining reagent package 42ml(STROMATOLYSER-4DS™ reagent).

Urinary Sediment Reagent bag

Sysmex Reagent Bag 42ml

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Cleaner Reagent Bag 1L 2L 3L

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