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Microwave Hydrothermal Pressure Vessels with liners

  • Microwave Hydrothermal Pressure Vessels with liners
  • Microwave Hydrothermal Pressure Vessels with liners
  • Microwave Hydrothermal Pressure Vessels with liners
  • Microwave Hydrothermal Pressure Vessels with liners
  • Microwave Hydrothermal Pressure Vessels with liners
Model No.︰CFD-MDV-R000
Brand Name︰CFDPLAS
Country of Origin︰China
Unit Price︰-
Minimum Order︰5 pc
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Product Description

Microwave Acid Digestion Vessels,Acid Digestion Bombs,Hydrothermal Pressure Vessels,High Pressure Autoclaves,Reactors, Volume of reaction vessel has 25ml ,50ml,100ml,150ml,200ml,250ml,500ml,1000ml
CFDPLAS Microwave Acid Digestion Vessels provide:
Fast digestion times.
Temperatures up to 250 °C.
Pressures to 1200 psi.
Complete containment of volatiles.
Freedom from metal contamination.
CFDPLAS acid digestion vessels offer an alternative to the task of preparing analytical samples for analysis. By combining the unique chemical inertness of PTFE with the advantages of a sealed pressure vessel, these convenient vessels offer a rapid procedure for sample dissolution or digestion that has several important advantages over more traditional methods of sample preparation. By providing a convenient means for holding strong mineral acids or alkalis at temperatures well above normal boiling points, these sturdy digestion vessels will:
Accelerate digestions which otherwise would proceed slowly if conducted in an open container at atmospheric pressure.
Permit the use of strong acids, such as HF or aqua regia, which will attack most other conventional containers.
Dissolve analytical samples without losing trace elements and without adding unwanted contaminants from the container itself.
Generate a vigorous chemical action that is a great time saver in analytical procedures.
Obtain complete digestion or dissolution of samples that react slowly or incompletely when treated by other methods.
Chemists who have worked with sealed glass tubes and other cumbersome digestion devices will recognize the attractiveness of these convenient digestion vessels.
Dissolve Inorganic Samples
Ores, rock samples,glass and other inorganic materials can be dissolved rapidly in cfdplas Acid Digestion Vessels using strong mineral acids: HF, HCI, H2SO4, HNO3, Aqua Regia and others. Other chemicals and manufactured products can be leached or dissolved as well, all without introducing unwanted ions and with complete sample recovery. Using reaction temperatures well above normal boiling points, samples can be dissolved or digested rapidly for all types of chemical analyses, particularly for AA and ICP spectroscopy, and for other instrumental methods in which trace elements must be identified.
Digest Organic Materials
Organic samples can be treated with nitric acid and other oxidizing acids in these vessels with no difficulty, provided certain safety precautions are observed. Alkaline or acid hydrolysis reactions can also be handled equally well.
Other Uses
In addition to their normal uses for sample digestion and dissolution, these vessels serve as excellent general purpose reactors for procedures requiring a small PTFE lined vessel for use within prescribed temperature and pressure limits. Agitation can be produced by a magnetic stir bar or by shaking or rolling the vessel.
These vessels have proven to be an excellent means to perform hydrothermal synthesis. 
Hydrothermal synthesis is a technique that involves the growth of materials from aqueous solutions at elevated temperature and pressure. The term hydrothermal usually refers to any heterogeneous reaction in the presence of aqueous solvents and complexing agents under high pressure and temperature conditions to dissolve and recrystallize materials that are relatively insoluble under ordinary conditions. The hydrothermal technique is widely used for the synthesis of a variety of inorganic compounds, nanomaterials and zeolites. It is a highly interdisciplinary subject and the technique is popularly used by geologists, biologists, physicists, chemists, ceramists, hydrometallurgists, material scientists, engineers, and many others.
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Price Terms︰FOB/CFR/CNF
Payment Terms︰TT
Lead Time︰20 DAYS
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