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Anti-Static CHNTAINER Pail Liner

  • Anti-Static CHNTAINER Pail Liner
  • Anti-Static CHNTAINER Pail Liner
  • Anti-Static CHNTAINER Pail Liner
  • Anti-Static CHNTAINER Pail Liner
Model No.︰CFD-PL-A0000
Country of Origin︰China
Unit Price︰-
Minimum Order︰5000 pc
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Product Description

Anti-static pail liner

CHNTAINER® anti-static Pail Liner

Contour fitting HDPE CHNTAINER® Pail Liner for in-plant and product shipment applications.

Available in 2, 3-1/2, 5, and 6 gallon sizes. CHNTAINER®, used in conjunction with plastic or metal pails, reduces costs and assists environmental efforts made by industry: A disposable CHNTAINER® keeps pails in service while eliminating costs associated with cleaning and/or replacing used pails. Has one-tenth the material found in OH pails reducing strain on landfills. Also eliminates chemicals used to clean pails.

As a component of a shipping container, CHNTAINER® provides protection against pail corrosion and product contamination, while removing need for costly interior pail coatings.

Available with anti-stat option (See our Anti-Stat Technical Bulletin for details.) and in low density model.

Due to inquiries concerning the definition of the above properties, the following information has been compiled.The build up of static charge is usually due to the contact of 2 non conductive materials moving across each other. An example is film traveling over a rubber roller. Others are dry product being poured from a plastic bag or liquid tumbling into a pail from a fill nozzle above the liquid level in the pail. If the surfaces are conductive, charges quickly dissipate.

The most common reasons for specifying conductive or antistatic parts are (1) a reduction of potential for fire due to a spark discharge and (2) the elimination of ability for dust particles to build up on parts due to static charges. Antistatic parts are best suited for use in high relative humidity, non or low hazard environments. Conductive or static dissipative parts are better suited for hazardous environments. For total effectiveness conductive parts need to be grounded or bonded during use.

CHNTAINER® anti-static Pail LinerUsed for in-plant storage and mixing of liquids, paste, and powder materials, these inserts for open pails, standard open-head steel and fibre drums help avoid the need to dispose of contaminated pails and drums. The antistatic additive helps reduce the accumulation of static charge during handling.

Antistat and Static Dissipative liners are formed from polyethylene material compounded with an antistatic additive. The additive modifies the surface properties of the plastic allowing static charge to dissipate. Static Dissipative liners are routinely tested against Mil Spec. or Customer Requirements.

Antistatic:Describes an ability to prevent the build-up of electrostatic charges which can be dangerous in a flammable environment. The rate at which charges are dissipated is often dependent upon atmospheric conditions, (relative humidity and temperature). The effectiveness of the additive can be depleted over time.

Static Dissipative:Describes an ability to discharge static charge at a rate faster than typical antistats. These materials may be affected by atmospheric conditions. These materials are sufficient to pass some, but not all

standard specifications.

Conductive:Describes an ability to rapidly discharge electrostatic charges.Electrostatic charges flow through impregnated material. Unaffected by atmospheric conditions, conductive material can pass standard testing for static discharge.

Price Terms︰EXW,CFR
Payment Terms︰TT
Lead Time︰within 20 days
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