1 Quart water sampling cubitainer

1 Quart water sampling cubitainer

Model No.︰CFD-SBC-101


Country of Origin︰China

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Product Description

1 liter 1 quart water sampling Cubitainer bottles are made of low-density flexible polyethylene(LDPE),cube-shaped inserts inside a heavy-duty corrugated outer carton.

The inner LDPE flexible cubitainers nest uniformly when empty and expand readily when filled with liquid.

Easy to ship, handle and pour.

Designed to collapse as product is dispensed.

The non-glug design assures product flow in a continuous, uninterrupted stream.

A reversible well design permits opening to be raised or depressed for pouring and storage.

1 quart Water sample Cubitainer bottle included 38 mm screw cap with injection-molded threads.

The 1 quart Cube Sampler has also been a reliable sample collection system for a wide array of industrial and commercial applications! Cubitainers bottle are designed for the efficient storage and transport.

Recommended for collecting water samples and other low viscosity liquids to be analyzed for inorganic trace analytes.

Gather, collect, and ship samples simply, easily, and conveniently with the Cubitainer Bottle Package from CHNTAINER!

Product Features:


Model Number:  CFD-SBC-101

Material:  Low-density polyethylene (LDPE)

Color:  Natural

Neck finish:  38-400

Container Shape:  Cube Bottle

Specification: 105mm×105mm×115mm(Height)

Length: 41/8 " (105mm)
Width: 41/8 "(105mm)
Height: 41/2 "(115mm)

Capacity Volume (Liters/gallon): 1 Litres,1 quart (32 oz)

1 quart cubitainer Applications: Oil Analysis Programs,water analysis program,

Retained Batch Oil Samples at Lube Blending Plants,Lubricant Distributors,Labora

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