Vented drum plugs vented drum bungs

Vented drum plugs vented drum bungs

Model No.︰CFD-DBP-001V

Brand Name︰CFDPLAS

Country of Origin︰China

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Product Description

Vented drum plugs vented bungs for Drums Barrels.
The Vent Cap or Plug is a special concept designed by the company to provide its clients with simple packaging solutions. Cap Houses a special Membrane that allows only gases and not liquids to pass through .
Used by people for Storage and transportation of acids and other substances that create a lot of pressure on containers causing it to leak or crack .
Each of these closures are checked to make sure that of their guaranteed satisfaction.
our vent caps and drum bungs/plugs for liquid chemicals which emit gasses when filled into plastic drums,Jerry cans & bottles (i.e. Sodium hypochlorite & Hydrogen peroxide).
We use Teflon (PTFE) material and molded components vented plus,vented liners 3 types vented solutions.
Teflon's hydrophobic (water repellant) characteristic allows gases, but not liquids, to penetrate through the material.
There are some formulations with surfactants or solvents i.e cleaning solutions which counteract Teflon's effectiveness.
Ask us about your application.
We can advise you on the correct Vented closure/plug for safe storage,handling & transportation of your chemicals.
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Molded components are the breathable and leak-proof solution for household and industrial chemicals.
They are the only snap in-place container venting product for liquid chemicals that offer.
constantly high airflow
excellent liquid resistance
easy installation
Equalize pressure and prevent containers from bursting, collapsing or leaking
Prevent liquid penetration and continue to vent even after exposure to liquids containing organics,surfactants,oils and solvent-based liquids
Integrate easily through manual or automated installation with unique press-fit designs
Wide array of vent sizes and ready-to-use components,which can be retrofitted into almost any cap design
Durable constructions to fit volumes from 0.2 to 1,500 liters
Typical applications include Intended for the packaging of:
industrial chemicals,bleaching agents,peroxides,fertilizers,swimming pool chemicals,pesticides,sterilizers,disinfection and cleaning agents,Chemicals Applications,Bleach,Laundry detergents,household cleaners,Peroxide,Disinfectants,Peracetic acid,Fertilizers,Industrial cleaners

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