Bag in box (CHNTAINER)-CHNTAINER liquid container

Bag in box (CHNTAINER)-CHNTAINER liquid container is Chinese Patented Product.
A blow molding film container interior and bag in box = " CHNTAINER ", exterior cardboard box of the one-way coupled with liquid container for business.
Compared with the prefabricated metal cans,so when the unused space.
When the waste is easy to fold,small volume, light weight, and can reduce the waste of a logistics cost can be reduced.
Cardboard packaging very easy for the design (printing).
Beverage,food,chemical industry, various fields of applications.
Type of light and thin interior & exterior cardboard case and bag in box; a folded composite container.
Main raw material is used in polyethylene,dioxin and environment hormone produced during combustion.
Of all the goods and is capable of high barrier type and type selection.
All the goods, and is suitable for the Food Sanitation Act.
And is excellent in chemical resistance, heat resistance, and the pinhole in the thin material, with high safety.
In all of the on JIS vibration and pass the drop test.
And environment (filling machine,automatic assembly line box is made of corrugated board,etc. the suggestions).
Three variations of CHNTAINER
The type and capacity, 18 and 20, 10, 5 liters of 4 types.
The Gusseted type (seal) CHNTAINER
The polyhedral solid seal film and independent container.
In addition, you can use to carry on the upper surface of the seal portion.
At the time of filling the foaming and reduced, so the development of the container, and a good Contribute to the work efficiency.
In the same manner as the molding type, and there is almost no residual liquid.
The inner surface of the film and the polyethylene with low odor and so
For mineral water and it can support.
Space saving as well as pillow type (and, when not in use).
Save the amount of waste volume and weight.
Molding type CHNTAINER
For hygienic and molding temperature,of course,food industry,which is excellent in chemical resistance materials are used in the chemical industry, can also be used.
And high barrier (type) with a multi-layer structure EVOH (three layer 5) in the oxygen shielding property, long life, high quality of the content and the aroma retaining property, is excellent in oil resistance.
Pillow type CHNTAINER
At the time of waste and used before further space saving is possible.
Various variations are possible by the combination of size and film grade.
And so with soft gripper type handle and can carry.
You can choose to "optimal".